Frequently Asked Questions

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03. What are your fees and how do you accept payment?

Room by Color charges a 10% service fee to each Curation ordered by the customer.
We require a Deposit from the customer to commence with Purchase Orders for the Curation. The Deposit is credited to the final Purchase Order balance. We accept credit card, debit card, and Paypal payments. Sample Kits are paid in full at the time of order. Architectural services require a modest upfront fee for the architect to quote the level of service. To accept the quoted service, we must receive from you a signed contract agreement, a retainer fee for the quoted service, and a Deposit to a Curation.

01. Do I need a permit?

Minor alterations such as installing cabinets or replacing tiles generally do not require a permit. In New York City, replacing plumbing fixtures require only an Limited Alteration Application (LAA) to be filed by a licensed plumber. Check with your local building department or connect with our experts to evaluate your permitting needs.

05. I don't have an architect or contractor. Can you help?

Yes. We offer architect and contractor referrals but do not broker your negotiation nor do we warrant the quality or performance of the services performed the architect or contractor. You always remain the primary party in interviewing and evaluating your architect or contractor. Connect with our experts to evaluate your project needs.

04. Can you assist with co-operative or condominium alteration packages?

Yes! Connect with our experts to evaluate your project needs.

06. When should I place my Purchase Order?

We recommend placing your Purchase Order well ahead of your planned project start date to ensure supply availability and to preempt any unforeseen delays.

07. Can I customize or change my Curation?

We may offer limited choices for a Curation such as paint colors or fixture finishes. We highly recommend purchasing the complete Curation ensemble to ensure compatibility. Limited modifications of a Curation may be possible. Connect with our experts to discuss replacements and substitutions or contact us at if you feel you need to add or reduce the quantity of your Curation products.

08. How much material should I order?

Input your room measurements from your Dashboard/measure tab and we can estimate your anticipated tile and paint quantity. We typically calculate at least 10% more material than the minimum to account for construction waste and backup for future repairs. Please contact us at if you feel you need to modify the quantity.

09. Where do I store the materials before my project starts?

You should store products and materials at a safe and secure location. Be sure to plan for the safe transportation of the products and materials to and from the designated storage location. Please follow the appropriate care and storage instructions from the vendor or manufacturer.

10. What if my product or material arrives damaged?

Contact us immediately. Carefully inspect all deliveries prior to accepting and moving them into your jobsite. Immediately document and report to us all damages or defects upon discovery so we may promptly assist you in finding a resolution. Whenever possible, we will relay care and warranty policies for each products from the vendor and manufacturer, and will assist you in addressing any damaged or defective product.
Return, refund or replacement of products, whether damaged, defective or otherwise, are subject to the warranty and return policies of their respective vendor and manufacturer. Refer to the Return and Refund Policy in our Terms of Use for more details.

11. Does Room by Color provide drawings?

Connect with our experts and we refer you to an architect that produces industry standard drawings that clearly communicate your project scope.

12. What if my space is a wierd shape or configuration?

Unique shapes and configurations should be properly evaluated by an architect. Connect with our experts to evaluate your project needs.

02. Do I need an architect?

You will need an registered architect if your require a building permit from your local building department. Check with your local building department or connect with our experts to evaluate your permitting needs.

13. What if I need more than one Curation for my project?

We consider each Curation as separate orders hence different order numbers. You can switch between Curations on your Dashboard with the pulldown menu. For clarity of organization, we recommend using a different email address for each Curation order.



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