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Common Questions

Do I need a permit or an architect?

Minor alterations such as installing cabinets or replacing tiles and fixtures generally do not require a permit. If your project scope is more extensive than a minor alteration, you should reach out to a Room by Color expert to evaluate your permitting needs.

Can you assist with Building Management renovation approvals?

Yes. Room by Color experts work closely with you to produce drawings that clearly communicate your project scope to your Building Management.

When should I start my order?

Several products in the Renovation Kit require at least 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. We can only confirm availability after you place the Purchase Order after reviewing your Sample Set. We recommend placing your orders well ahead of your planned project start date to ensure availability and to preempt any unforeseen delays.

Can I customize or modify my Renovation Kit?

Yes. Minor modifications to a Renovation Kit like product substitutions is possible. Consult with our experts to ensure compatibility.

How do I know the Renovation Kit fits my space?

Room by Color Renovation Kits are extensively curated for compatibility with most existing bathroom spaces. It is important that your Contractor confirms the compatibility of all products in the Renovation Kit, and that your Contractor furnishes the appropriate building materials, substrates and tools to install the products in the Renovation Kit. Reach out to us if you or your Contractor has any questions or need a substitution. Spaces with unique shape or configuration should be properly evaluated by an architect or contractor. Connect with our experts to evaluate your project needs.

What is not included in my Renovation Kit?

Bathroom Renovation Kits exclude building products not explicitly listed in the Renovation Kit but may be necessary to install the Renovation Kit, such as substrates, sealants, adhesives, fasteners, waterproofing, edge trims, studs, valves, pipes, wiring, glazed splashguards, structural supports or reinforcements. Please be sure that your Contractor's project cost estimate accounts for furnishing all building products deemed necessary by your Contractor. Room by Color does not provide construction services.

Can you assist during construction?

Our staff is available to address product inquiries or defects. Contract with our experts for additional assistance with your Renovation Kit during construction.

How are my Renovation Kit products delivered?

We track and coordinate the delivery of each product from their respective vendor to you. We may email or call you, your Contractor or designated Mover to coordinate deliveries. You are responsible for hiring a Mover to receive any curbside deliveries (a.k.a. "Sidewalk Deliveries") and safely transport them to a designated storage area. Please see our Terms of Use for more details.

What if a product arrives damaged or is defective?

Renovation Kit products are typically subject to the warranty and return policies of their respective vendor and manufacturer. Updon discovery of any damaged or defective product, we will promptly assist you in contacting the respective vendor or manufacturer toward finding a resolution. Carefully inspect all deliveries upon arrival for damages prior to accepting the deliveries. Document any damages and report them immediately to us and to the delivery company.

Can I use the Renovation Kits in my larger renovation project?

Yes. With a commitment to purchasing Renovation Kits from us ("Deposit"), we wil be happy to share the necessary product information so your design team can prepare accordingly. You may also retain our experts under a limited contract to service the scope of work related to the Renovation Kit.

How does payment work?

All purchases are conducted online and we transact all payments through this website. We accept major credit cards and Paypal. We require a $500 nonrefundable Deposit prior to starting Purchase Orders for the Renovation Kit. The Deposit is credited to the final Purchase Order. Purchase Orders must be fully paid within 90 days of the Deposit. Until the balance for the Purchase Order is fully received, we make no guarantee of the availability of any product in the Purchase Order.

Does ordering the Sample Set obligate me to order the Renovation Kit?

Ordering the Sample Set does not obligate you to purchase the Renovation Kit or to engage in other services offered by Room by Color. Sample Set purchases are not refundable.