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Let's kickstart your renovation project together.

Fast and easy architectural services for preparing condo and co-op renovation packages in New York City.


We help you assemble the right renovation package to expedite your project's approval process.

What we do:

additional services:

What we do

Simple steps to get your project started.

How it works.

Tell us about your project.
Send out drawings for review.
Add kits and details as needed.
How we work
Family Viewing House

Starter Drawing Set

For NYC apartments up to 1,250 square feet.

Our core service to document your project's scope of work. 

starting at

$ 2,000

per layout


  • custom floor plan

  • custom reflected ceiling plan

  • respond to review questions

add-on services as necessary:

Construction Details Set

enlarged drawings detailing construction assemblies

$ 1,500

starting at

per room type

Permit Set

compliance drawings and filing representation for a builing permit

$ 6,000

starting at

per filing

All drawings specify generic materials.

Design Kits